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The informative value of computed tomography compared to plain radiography in diagnosing traumatic sacral fractures

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25877305-2022-12-05

V. Kutsenko(1), Candidate of Medical Sciences; A. Libert(1); S. Menshikova(1); Associate Professor P. Seliverstov(2), Candidate of Medical Sciences
1-Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University of the Russian Health Ministry
2-S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy, Ministry of Defense of Russia;
Saint Petersburg

The sacrum evenly distributes the mechanical loading between the pelvis and the lower limbs. Sacral fractures make up a heterogeneous group of fractures, which, moreover, rarely occur as isolated fractures. They are usually associated with fractures of the pelvis and pelvic ring. Due to the low incidence, heterogeneity, and in some cases the isolated nature of the lesion, this group of fractures often remains undiagnosed early enough. Diagnostic mistakes could lead to serious consequences for the patient's health in the future, primarily neurological complications. Nowadays there is a tendency of an increasing frequency of correctly and early diagnosed isolated traumatic sacral fractures, which happens because of the spread of using computed tomography (CT) as the method of choice for diagnosing this pathology. CT is the most preferred method for the primary differential diagnosis of traumatic sacral fractures. This method is of high sensitivity and specificity, much ahead of a plain X-ray, and is as well accessible and simple.

isolated traumatic sacral fractures
computed tomography
dual-energy computed tomography

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