About the journal

The journal’s story began over 100 years ago. At that point in time, the publication was subtitled “Daily paper devoted to all fields of medical studies, public and private hygiene, and medical living issues”. Professor, Manassein Vyacheslav Avksentyevich, who is a physician, scientist, public person, and sponsor of charity funds, was its editor and publisher. During 20 years (1880–1901) “Vrach” has been covering a broad range of issues related to public medicine, medical living, ethics, and education, and became of the the most readable Russian medical periodical. Since 1901, after death of Manassein, V.A., the journal has been published under title “Russky Vrach”, and in 1910 has been placed under censorship regime. In 1988, decision on publication renewal has been taken at the initiative of the academician, Chazov, E.I., at the I All-Union Medical Congress. First issue of the renewed journal was released in 1990.

As compared to traditional academic scientific publications, present journal has been published as a practical periodical and year by year has been approved as a reputable and reliable handbook of practicing physicians. Permanent headings “Lecture”, “Problem”, “From Experience”, “Pharmacology”, and etc. introduce new treatment technologies and methodologies, and modern medications, constantly replenishing arsenal of practical physicians and ensuring better guidance in developments of modern medicine.

The journal is a multidisciplinary publication; it is aimed for pediatricians (14.00.09), general practitioners, experts in cardiology (14.00.06), infections (14.00.10), oncology (14.00.14), urology (14.00.40), surgery (14.00.27), and traumatology (14.00.22), etc.

The journal was included by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles into the List of Publications containing results of dissertations procuring PhD and CSc science degrees, as well as in the Russian Science Citation Index.