The use of Osteomed, Osteomed Forte, and Osteo-Vit D3 in the prevention and therapy of fractures in patients with osteoporosis


Professor D. Dedov(1), MD; G. Brudyan(2); Associate Professor I. Zhmakin(1), Candidate of Medical Sciences; Associate Professor K. Bakanov(1), Candidate of Medical Sciences; Professor L. Kudrich(1), MD
1-Tver State Medical University; 2-Voskresensk Dentistry Clinic

Objective. To analyze the literature data reflecting the medical and social significance of osteoporosis (OP), the prevention of osteoporotic fractures (OPFs), including that with Osteomed, Osteomed Forte, and Osteo-Vit D3 (Parafarm, Russia). Material and methods. The authors analyzed research articles reflecting the medical and social significance of OP, the prevention of OPFs, including that using Osteomed, Osteomed Forte, and Osteo-Vit D3 (Parafarm, Russia), Results. The paper presents the results of studying the effect of the new Russian drug Osteomed Forte on the hormonal status of women during the combination treatment of postmenopausal OP. The patients who took Osteomed Forte were observed to have an increase in bone mineral density and a decrease in the sizes of bone cavities, as well as their closure. Osteo-Vit D3 was a highly effective drug in preventing and treating recurrent bone fractures, including in children with OP. The efficacy of Osteo-Vit D3 in preventing recurrent fractures was noted to be highly competitive with that of calcium preparations made in foreign countries. Conclusion. Thus, Osteomed, Osteomed Forte, and Osteo-Vit D3 (Parafarm, Russia) can be recommended for the prevention of OPFs in patients with OP, by taking into account their age, gender, comorbidity, and a personalized approach when selecting a management strategy for a particular patient.

Osteomed Forte
Osteo-Vit D3
Parafarm company.

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