Classification of deprescribing and its use in an elderly patient with cognitive impairment

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G. Krasnov(1); Associate Professor S. Bulgakova(1), MD; Associate Professor E. Treneva(1),
Candidate of Medical Sciences; Professor N. Zakharova(1), MD; Associate Professor A. Nikolaeva(1), Candidate
of Medical Sciences; O. Rozhdestvenskaya(2), Candidate of Medical Sciences (1)Samara State Medical
University, Ministry of Health of Russia (2)Academy of Postgraduate Education, Federal Research and Clinical
Center, Federal Biomedical Agency of Russia, Moscow

Deprescribing antihypertensive agents is a planned or situational process of discontinuation, replacement, and dose reduction, which is adequately controlled by a physician. The paper considers a case of deprescribing using the STOPP/START criteria and expert evaluation in the hospital, and also provides a comparative assessment of the patient’s data at the hospital admission and before his discharge.


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