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Professor E. Golovanova, MD; D. Bazhenova; A. Red’kov; N. Kanareev Smolensk State Medical University

The object of the following research is to study the incidence of the most widespread geriatric syndromes (frailty, syndrome malnutrition) advanced age and senility patients are suffering – in structure of rural dwellers and city dwellers population in Smolensk region. Health status of 340 patients was examined by the agency of Comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA), case histories and outpatient’s cards were analyzed. Particular patients, supposedly suffering from frailty, were selected according to screening scale «Age is not a hindrance» (total score 3 and beyond). Nutrition status was examined by the agency of Mini nutritional assessment (MNA). In this article the geriatric syndromes and malnutrition (nutritional disorder) incidence research results in structure of advanced age and senility patients in Smolensk region population were represented, also the part of socio-economic status in conjunction with malnutrition syndrome genesis was studied and the comparative characteristics of Barthel Index figures of various age groups was accomplished.

geriatric syndromes
malnutrition syndrome

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