DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25877305-2018-10-16
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E. Levitskaya(1), Candidate of Medical Sciences; Professor M. Batyushin(1), MD; E. Senelnik(1, 2); D. Pasechnik(1), Candidate of Medical Sciences; N. Antipova2 1-Rostov State Medical University, Rostov-on-Don 2-Regional Clinical Hospital Two, Rostov-on-Don

Segmental sclerosis of glomerular capillary loops, endothelial swelling, mesangial expansion, as well as segmental mesangial cell proliferation have been established to have an impact on the risk of reducing the internal diameter of the interlobular artery. Prediction of renal vascular remodeling helps stratify the risk of irreversible changes.

primary glomerulopathies
renal tissue morphofunctional changes
vascular wall remodeling

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