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Kh. Diab, MD; Professor N. Daikhes, MD; D. Kondratchikov; P. Umarov, Candidate of Medical Sciences; O. Pashchinina, Candidate of Medical Sciences; K. Yusifov, Candidate of Medical Sciences Otorhinolaryngology Research and Clinical Center, Federal Biomedical Agency of Russia, Moscow

A surgical algorithm was created to eliminate liquorrhea developing at cochlear implantation in patients with inner ear abnormalities. Intraoperative liquorrhea successfully eliminated in all cases occurred during 12 surgical interventions while dissecting the membrane of the fenestra cochleae or applying cochleostoma. Otoliquorrhea may be always completely removed at cochlear implantation via the classical approach irrespective of how the spiral canal is opened (through cochleostoma or the membrane of the fenestra cochleae). Intraoperative liquorrhea does not affect the results of auditory-verbal rehabilitation in patients with congenital inner ear abnormality.

сerebrospinal fluid otorrhea
malformations of the inner ear
cochlear implantation

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