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L. Butorova (1), M. Kalashnikova (2), N. Krainikova (3), M. Osadchuk (1), T. Plavnik (4), G. Tokmulina (1) 1 -I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University 2 -Combined Hospital, Department for Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation, Moscow 3 -«Goluboe» Central Clinical Medical Rehabilitation Hospital, Federal Biomedical Agency, Goluboe Settlement, Moscow Region 4 -City Polyclinic One Hundred and Ninety-Five, Moscow Healthcare Department

According to international data, the incidence of diarrheal infections in industrially developed countries is 0.–2.0 episodes per capita a year. The social and economic value of acute enteric infection (AEI) is not limited to high morbidity rates. One of the main reasons for increased attention to AEI is a significant rise in the death rates within a year after a diarrhea episode – 2.2 versus 0.7% in patients without AEI in the year before the investigation.

acute enteric infection

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