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Difficulties in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of panniculitis in therapeutic practice

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25877305-2022-05-10

Professor O. Kozyrev(1), MD; I. Bazina(1), Candidate of Medical Sciences;
D. Krechikova(2), Candidate of Medical Sciences; I. Korneeva(2), E. Vinogradova(1),
A. Mayorova(1), O. Makarova(1),
1-Smolensk State Medical University
2-Departmental Hospital at the Smolensk Station, OAO “RZhD”

Panniculitides are called a group of diseases that are dissimilar in etiology and clinical and morphological patterns, the main manifestation of which is inflammation of subcutaneous adipose tissue to form skin nodules. Diagnosis in therapeutic practice is complicated by the need for an extensive examination for differential diagnosis and exclusion of other diseases. The paper considers a clinical case of a female patient with panniculitis, the complexity of its diagnosis and differential diagnosis.

differential diagnosis

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