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Analysis of the long-term results of tympanoplasty


V. Saidulaev(2, 3), Candidate of Medical Sciences; V. Shpotin(2, 3), MD; Professor A.
Yunusov(1), MD; A. Grigoryeva(2, 3), MD; V-Kh. Saidulaev(4) (1)National Medical Research Center of
Otorhinolaryngology, Federal Biomedical Agency of Russia, Moscow (2)Astrakhan Branch, National Medical
Research Center of Otorhinolaryngology, Federal Biomedical Agency of Russia, Astrakhan (3)Astrakhan State
Medical University (4)Acad. I.P. Pavlov Ryazan State Medical University

Objective: to assess and compare the anatomical and functional results of tympanoplasty for complete and partial detachment of the tympanic membrane from the handle of the malleus. Subjects and methods. The investigation enrolled 32 patients diagnosed with chronic tubotympanic suppurative otitis media (mesotympanitis), who were divided into 2 groups, each of which included 16 patients. Results. At 6 and 12 months after surgery, good anatomical results were obtained in 15 (93.8%) and 14 (87.5%) patients in Groups 1 and 2, respectively. Analysis of tone audiometry thresholds showed that the functional indicators significantly improved compared with preoperative results (p0.05). Conclusion. Analysis of the anatomical and functional results of the investigation showed no differences between tympanoplasty procedures for partial and complete detachment of the tympanic membrane from the handle of the malleus.

chronic suppurative otitis media

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