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Early vascular aging: pathogenesis and possibilities of drug correction

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25877305-2019-12-03
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I. Avdeeva, Candidate of Medical Sciences; N. Burko, Candidate of Medical Sciences; O. Kvasova; T. Aryasova Penza State University

The paper describes in detail the concept of early vascular aging and deals with differences in the pathophysiological structural and functional changes in the arteries with aging as part of the body’s natural involution and with acceleration of this process. It shows the role of the prenatally incorporated program that subsequently exacerbates the influence of exogenous risk factors. The factors and diseases that accelerate the aging process are analyzed. Much attention is paid to the existing possibilities of influencing early vascular aging; the areas that can be potentially promising for further investigation are denoted.

early vascular aging
risk factors
arterial stiffness

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