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DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25877305-2021-02-14

E. Dvoryankova(1), MD; M. Denieva(3, 4), Candidate of Medical Sciences; N. Shevchenko(2);
Professor I. Korsunskaya(1), MD (1)Center for Theoretical Problems of Physicochemical Pharmacology, Moscow
(2)N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research University, Moscow (3)Chechen State University, Grozny
(4)Republican Dermatovenereology Dispensary, Grozny

Psoriasis has a pronounced effect on the psychoemotional state of the patient. In this category of patients, various disorders are observed: high anxiety, depression, social maladjustment, as well as impaired sexual function. There are few studies on this issue to date. There is no clear opinion about the influence of the localization of the psoriatic process on the sexual life of patients. However, genital psoriasis can objectively negatively affect sexual function. It is worth noting that women experience a more pronounced negative effect of skin pathology on the sexual sphere, which requires the doctor to be attentive to the psychoemotional state of the patients.

genital psoriasis
psychoemotional disorders
sexual dysfunction

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