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Organizing the activities of an outpatient urological service in the difficult epidemiological situation

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25877305-2020-11-05
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A. Gevorkyan, Candidate of Medical Sciences Center for Family Planning and Reproduction, Moscow
Healthcare Department

Objective. To determine the vectors for organizing the activities of outpatient urological care and their main areas in difficult epidemic conditions. Materials and methods. To achieve this goal, the study used general research methods of analysis, synthesis, generalization, interpretation of scientific data, as well as systemic and structural-functional approaches. The information base for their formation was the researches done by Russian and foreign specialists, as well as the results of the author’s own sociological studies conducted in Moscow in 2020 to investigate their opinions on the state and problems in organizing the activities of an outpatient urological service. The study involved patients from municipal (n=107) and private (n=91) healthcare facilities, as well as urologists (n=15). Results. An analysis of the results of the sociological study revealed that the patients and the urologists were dissatisfied with the existing outpatient urological service. It was shown that during an epidemic, the urological service should continue to work and treat in compliance with all safety standards. Moreover, its full-fledged activity largely depends on the level of funding, modern management, effective planning, and organization of production. Areas for reorganizing and improving the management of outpatient clinics providing urological care were proposed. Conclusion. The priority areas of a municipal government outpatient urological service in difficult epidemiological conditions are its functioning in terms of the epidemiological situation on the principles of public-private partnership, which will provide high-quality outpatient medical care for urological patients.

sociological study
urological care in difficult epidemic conditions
public-private partnership

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