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Experience with thermomagnetic vibration massage in the combination rehabilitation of patients with chronic prostatitis


A. Sekirin, Candidate of Medical Sciences; Professor V. Molochkov, MD; N. Martynova; S. Smirnova, Candidate of Medical Sciences; N. Buchkova, Candidate of Medical Sciences M.F. Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Clinical Research Institute, Moscow

Chronic prostatitis is treated using the device MAVIT® (ULP-01-ELAT) made in Russia; it exerts a local (transrectal) effect on the prostate gland by several physical factors, such as heat, magnetic field, and vibration massage. Its clinical efficacy was evaluated by the results of studies: microscopy of pancreatic secretion, general urinalysis and urine culture, uroflowmetry, transrectal ultrasonography of the pancreas. The investigators determined the subjective state and time course of changes in clinical symptoms according to the I-PSS scale and quality of life (QOL) by the QOL scale. They noted positive changes, such as pain abatement or relief, dysuric disorders, and reduced pancreatic volume, which significantly improved quality of life in patients.

magnetic field
temperature factor
chronic prostatitis

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