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DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25877305-2019-01-08

E. Petrova(1), Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor; V. Kalistratov(1), Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor; P. Polyboyarinov(2), Candidate of Agricultural Sciences; Professor V. Strukov(3), MD; M. Prokhorov(3); D. Elistratov(4) 1-Penza State University; 2-Penza State University of Architecture and Construction; 3-Penza Institute for Postgraduate Training of Physicians, Branch, Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education, Ministry of Health of Russia; 4-OOO «Parafarm», Penza

The normal occurrence of physiological processes during menopause requires not only estrogens, but also sufficient androgens. The menopause medicine Femo-Klim has a complex versatile effect on the female body during its difficult period. It can safely normalize not only the level of estrogens, but also the concentration of androgens, significantly reduces even the most severe manifestations of perimenopause – hot flushes, reducing their number and strength. All components of the drug are physiologically close to the human body and do not impair its natural processes.

female health

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