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Blood clinical and morphological parameters in prostate cancer in old age


Professor T. Pavlova(1), MD; Professor V. Kulikovsky(1), MD; Professor K. Proshchaev(2), MD; I. Pavlov(1), Candidate of Medical Sciences; M. Chaplygina(1) 1-Belgorod State National Research University 2-Gerontology Research Medical Center, Moscow

Electron scanning microscopy and enzyme immunoassay were used to conduct a comprehensive study of blood characteristics in elderly patients with prostate cancer (PC). A total of 110 people divided into groups and subgroups, differing in age and nature of the extent of a tumor process, were examined. In apparently healthy elderly patients, the percentage of prehemolytic forms of erythrocytes were shown to be higher than that in middle-aged people. The elderly, also those with prostate pathologyy, versus the control group of the same age had lower content of discocytes, higher frequency of transitional forms of red blood cells, and their decreased average diameter. Tendencies toward changes in the concentration of biomarkers (TuM2Pk, interleukin-12, FGF, VEGF, tumor necrosis factor-α, and total prostate-specific antigen l) were also determined in elderly people with varying tumor extents in PC.

prostate cancer
scanning electron microscopy
atomic force microscopy
tumor-associated markers

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