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Memory impairment in Alzheimer’s disease


Professor A. Volobuev, Biol.D; P. Romanchuk, Candidate of Medical Sciences; N. Romanchuk; Professor I. Davydkin, MD; Associate Professor S. Bulgakova, MD; Samara State Medical University

The cerebral cortex (CC) is the syncytium consisting of memory cells (cyclic neural circuits (CNCs)). The latter are continuously loaded with information over the human life span. Various concepts are recalled as a result of CNC excitation. All the CNCs are interconnected. This relationship may be deterministic and stochastic. The stochastic connections of CNCs determine human creative possibilities; they are not available in computers. Alzheimer’s disease is determined by brain neuronal death and CNC destruction. This leads to the disappearance of information in the CC, i.e. to memory impairment. The creative work of the brain and the demand for synaptic connections of brain neurons contribute to the preservation of memory.

cyclic neural circuits
deterministic and stochastic connections
Alzheimer’s disease

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